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Luminox Joins Space Race!

Luminox has partnered with private space flight company Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) to help send tourists to the edge of space!

The watch company recently signed a multi-year contract with SXC and will present a series of watches — some of them limited edition — designed for the SXC Space Project. The company is currently developing watches for space that will be worn by both the SXC astronauts and passengers. All watches designed for the space project, however, will be suitable for adventurers on Earth, too.


Luminox founder Barry Cohen said he’s excited about the partnership between the two companies.


“We are now entering the era of the privatization of space travel and SXC is enabling the common man and woman to experience something never possible before - being in space,” said Cohen, who is also Co-CEO of the company.


XCOR Aerospace, the company that manufacture’s SXC’s XCOR Lynx spaceship, will carry out their first test flights in the spring of 2013, with an eye to launching the first commercial flights for 2014.


These flights will depart from the Curaçao spaceport in the Caribbean, which is currently under development. Flights are set to cost passengers $100,000 USD and will enable them to see Earth from 103 kilometers up (commercial airliners fly at approximately 12 km up).


Training sessions and tests for passenger flights are currently under way in anticipation of next year’s commercial flights.


The SXC Lynx is equipped with an independent take-off and landing system, enabling it to depart from a runway using rocket power and land like a plane after its flight. The entire flight takes about an hour and there is only one passenger per flight, meaning that flight is the passenger’s own personal experience.

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