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Help Us Fight Hunger (No Purchase Required!)

How Can You Help?

USNavySEALStore is donating $1 for each +1'd. All you have to do is to click the button below.

Did you know that one in six Americans is fighting hunger? That translates to nearly 49 million Americans facing hunger - over 16 million of children, and they need our help to end this national struggle.

Hunger is a national crisis that affects everyone in the community. From the moment you were born, your parents ensure you get the proper nutrition you need to establish a good foundation vital for your physical and mental health. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same luck. While you are able to feed your loved ones with nutritious meals several times a day, there are some families who struggle to make ends meet. And sadly, even with all their might and effort, many of these individuals are forced to go on with their lives without a decent meal, even for days.

To help fighting hunger, USNavySEALStore is donating $1 for every click to Google +1 button. Every dollar helps provide 8 meals to men, women and children facing hunger in our country. You can help without purchasing anything. All you need is a Google Account and a quick click on the Google +1 button on this page. Let's make this initiative a success and help our very own men, women and children live a properly-nourished life.