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Masks and Snorkels

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  1. Atlantis II-Black Silicone

    Atlantis II - Black Silicone
  2. Maui Dive Mask-Black Silicone Maui Dive Mask-Black Silicone

    Maui Dive Mask-Black Silicone

    Maui Dive Mask - Black Silicone

    Regular Price: $59.95

    Special Price: $49.95

  3. Wraparound Mask-Black Silicone

    Wraparound Mask - Black Silicone
  4. Impulse 3 FLEX Snorkel

    Impulse 3 FLEX Snorkel Divers the world over turn to the Impulse Snorkel due to its efficiency and comfort. The Impulse 3 i...
  5. Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel for Dive Masks

    Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel for Dive Masks of all types and manufacturers.
  6. Sea Buff Dive Mask Cleaner

    Sea Buff Dive Mask Cleaner helps keep your dive mask clean and clear.
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6 Item(s)

Regardless if you swim for pleasure, are a fitness swimmer or are trained and certified in water rescue, we have the Navy SEAL mask for you. Our masks are professional grade and are designed to enhance all of your water sporting adventures. We carry Navy SEAL diving masks as well as swim and watersport masks in a variety of styles. Depending on what type of water-related activities you partake in determines which type of swim mask you should use. For those times when you are in the pool and working out, you want to use a mask that provides you with 180 degree peripheral vision without distorting your view of the lines in the pool or the wall. Great athletes who compete in rigorous swim competitions use only the best masks available. You need to protect your eyes from harmful and irritating pool chemicals as well as from blinding rays of sunlight on the open water. Our makes do not fog, provide your eyes with 100% protection against harmful sun rays and are extremely durable, lightweight and comfortable. Our professional grade Navy SEAL diving masks are what the U.S. military use as well as professional divers everywhere. Our dive masks provide a very snug yet comfortable fit and give you outstanding visibility under water. Rescue workers turn to the wrap-around masks when making dangerous saves in treacherous waters. This type of mask features a tempered glass lens and are very heavy-duty and reliable. We offer you an outstanding line of Navy SEAL masks at deep discount prices.