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Help Our Heroes & Get a Chance to Win Navy SEAL Adventure Challenge

Congratulations to our winner, David F. from CO ! Thank you for everyone who have purchased the raffle tickets. We are donating 100% of proceeds to



How It Works

Help the Heroes and find out what it's like to be part of an active duty Special Operations Force (SOF) platoon! Purchase one or more raffle ticket and get a chance to win a Free PASS to the SEAL Adventure Challenge™ (March 2013 - Exact dates will be announced in January 2013) It's a $199 Value! This is a virtual product, no shipping will be involved. Please keep your order confirmation as a proof of participation.

Get multiple tickets to increase your chances!

Don't want to wait? You can purchase your SEAL Adventure Challenge pass here at

100% of the proceeds from these tickets will go to Heroes of Tomorrow!!!


About The Event

The SEAL Adventure Challenge™ is for individuals who seek to answer the question of "Do I Have What It Takes?" SEAL Training Adventures offers a 1 day (24 continuous hours) program that will challenge you physically and mentally, and just may change your life. The Instructors are all former Special Forces Operators including former SEAL Team SIX officer Don Mann. Lessons in team work and individual excellence will be stressed throughout the event, providing participants with a skill set they will use in many other facets of their lives. Civilian and military participants learn firsthand why SEALs are considered the best trained teams in the US military. This is the closest training to BUD/S outside of BUD/S!!!

The Special Operations Forces Academy is an EIGHT day event that serves the purpose of giving candidates a small taste of what it's like to be part of an active duty Special Operations Force (SOF) platoon. Is your goal SEAL/s, Army SF, Rangers, Delta, Marine Recon or PJ's? Whatever your ambition this course will better prepare you for the rigors your chosen SOF field.

Here is the typical SEAL Adventure Challenge Schedule (Subject to Change)

  • 07:00 Muster/Form Up Boat Crews, Coxians, PST Clinic (Great Neck Park Pavilion)
  • 08:00 Pool Evolutions - Drown Proofing, CSS, Team Races, Underwater Swim, Deck PT, Tread Water, Sardine
  • 11:00 Transport to Camp Pendleton (personal vehicle, STA provides transportation as needed)
  • 14:00 Log PT at Beach / Med. Call
  • 17:30 Monster Mash
  • 18:00 O-Course PT
  • 21:00 SUT (Cammi, cover & concealment, patrolling, hand signals)
  • 23:00 Chow
  • 24:00 Mission Brief - Insert
  • 05:00 Mission Endex @ Beach - Beach PT
  • 05:30 Return Logs to HQ
  • 06:00 Clean Up - Inspection Ready
  • 07:00 Graduation

The SEAL Adventure Challenge is held at Fort Story near Virginia Beach. For more information about the directions please visit here.

Terms & Conditions

  • The winner will be randomly selected on February 1st, 2013. Multiple entries allowed. The winner will be notified via email, therefore, please make sure to provide a valid email address at checkout.
  • The winner will be responsible for accommodation, transportation and all personal expenses. is not affiliated with SEAL Training Adventures.