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Luminox Watches Troubleshooting


Under no circumstances should you try to fix your Luminox watch or take it apart for any reason.  And never take your watch to a watch repair center that has not been authorized by Luminox to repair Luminox watches. 


Not only could doing any of these things further damage the watch, it will also void your warranty.

Authorized watch repair centers have been certified by Luminox to repair their watches and will ensure that the person who works on your watch knows what he or she is doing.

Your watch will come with a detailed instruction manual and anything that you can do to the watch will be outlined in this manual. It is important that you read it thoroughly, as it will give you an overview of how to handle your Luminox watch, how to set the time, date and all other functions on it.

If your Luminox watch strap requires replacing, make sure you order one from an authorized Luminox retailer that will fit your model.



The best place to find instructions for your watch is the manual that comes with it. This manual will have all the information you require for setting your watch’s functions and on keeping it in optimum working condition. There is no substitute for the instruction manual that comes with your watch. Do not lose or discard it. Read it in full, keep it in a safe place and refer to it as needed.

If you do happen to lose the instruction manual that comes with your watch, you can find a replacement one here. Luminox service manuals.


Dos & Don’ts


  • Completely read the instruction manual for your watch.
  • Have your watch undergo a complete service at an authorized Luminox watch repair center at least once every three to four years or more frequently depending on its usage.
  • Follow all guidelines regarding water resistance depth.
  • Have your watch’s water resistance tested at least once per year by an authorized Luminox watch repair center.
  • Make sure all moving parts of the watch are in their rest positions before wearing it in water.
  • Wash your watch in clear, fresh water and thoroughly dry it after you have worn it in water.
  • Replace your watch strap every six to 18 months.
  • Take off your watch if: playing team sports, jumping into water from higher than 3 feet (1 meter), big wave surfing, deep diving (unless it is specifically designed for that), going from hot sun into cool water, or any other activity that might cause trauma to your watch.
  • Have the battery replaced when you notice the second hand start to move in four-second intervals (only on some models).


  • Take apart your watch or try to fix it yourself.
  • Take it to a watch repair center that is not authorized by Luminox.
  • Use any of the moving parts on your watch while it’s in water, except for the turning bezel.
  • Expose your watch to solvents, chemicals or gases.
  • Put your watch through undo stress that will cause it to receive shocks that could negatively affect the watch’s performance.