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Luminox Watches for the Navy SEALs

Barry Cohen is the founder of Luminox. Together with his partner they negotiated the exclusive rights for the use of micro gas light illumination technology in North America. When a Navy SEALs procurement officer, Nick North, was looking for a reliable watch for the SEALs night mission he run across Luminox at a trade show and asked Barry Cohen to develop a watch that the U.S. Navy SEALs can use. In 1993, Luminox designed a dive watch model which led into the creation of the Original Luminox Navy SEAL dive watch in 1994.

Shortly thereafter, an arrangement with Lockheed Martin was sealed after the U.S. Air Force approached Luminox to design a watch for the pilots flying the F-117 Nighthawk fighter jet. The exclusive arrangement resulted to the creation of the Lockheed Martin timepieces and Luminox has since become a watch of choice for the military and law enforcement.

5 Top-Rated Luminox Navy SEAL Watches

One way to find out how Luminox watches fare in terms of performance, functionality and design is to get it straight from people who have used them. The Luminox Navy SEAL watches listed below are among the top-rated based on Amazon customers' review rankings. The details highlight the features of the Luminox watches that make them a standout for the users.

1. Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout Men's Watch 3051:
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The Luminox Blackout 3051 features a black polyester (carbon reinforce), 44-millimeter case with a black rubber strap. It is designed with a scratch resistant mineral crystal and a protected crown that is ideal for withstanding the rigorous training and demanding missions of the Navy SEALs. Just like the rest of the Luminox watches, the Luminox 3051 is made to be water resistant for up to 200 meters or 660 feet. Amazon consumer reviews have praised this watch for its beautiful construction, unique design, lightweight quality, and high functionality.

2. Luminox Men's 3903 Original Navy SEAL Dive Watch:

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The Luminox 3903 is another excellent choice for low-light or non-light situations. It is made with polyurethane, 43-millimeter case and comes with polyurethane band that features a Velcro closure, which allows for easy taking off when needed. It is waterproof and glows with beautiful colors, making it easier to read the time at low or no-light situations. The blue dial face is adorned with Arabic numerals and a date calendar for time-keeping practicality. This Luminox watch is powered by an analog-quartz movement and is water resistant for up to 660 feet.

3. Luminox Men's 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch:
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The Luminox 3051 Colormark watch features a 43.9-millimeter polyurethane case, a heavy duty polyurethane band with a buckle clasp, white Arabic numerals, a Rhonda quartz movement, a handy date calendar, a unidirectional bezel, and a classic black dial. Apart from the tritium vial illumination, among the strongest points of the Luminox 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark watch is the stand out design and highly legible hour indicators and hands.

4. Luminox Men's 3059 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch:

The Luminox 3059 is a versatile timepiece for the U.S. Navy SEALs and U.S. Air Force Pilots because of its striking orange Arabic numerals resting on the classic black dial. The 44-millimeter polyurethane case is matched with a polyurethane band that has a buckle clasp with safety mechanism. It's a dependable, sophisticated and affordable watch for everyday use whether in the training boot camp or on an actual mission.

5. Luminox Men's 3901 Original Navy SEAL Dive Watch:

The Luminox 3901 is designed with a polyurethane, 43-millimeter case, a nylon band with a Velcro closure, a classic black dial face, a unidirectional polymer bezel, and a double gasket push in crown. It comes with a robust, solid appearance perfect for the Marines or Navy soldiers. If you're looking for a lightweight watch that feels natural on your wrist, the Luminox 3901 will make a non-disappointing candidate.

Luminox Original Navy SEAL Series

The first Luminox Original Navy SEAL watch was created in 1994. It featured the signature illumination system that put Luminox on the map. It was also the move that made Luminox the official supplier of watches to the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Border Patrol, ATF, SWAT teams, Navy SEALS, and U.S. Air Force. Below you will get to know more about the watches that made it to the Luminox Original Navy SEAL 3000 Series.

1. Luminox Navy SEAL 3001.

The Luminox 3001 features the classic black dial with 43-millimeter, carbon reinforce polymer casing and a 22-millimeter high quality PU rubber dive strap. It has a unidirectional ratcheting bezel and a double-gasket push-in type crown that aids in attaining water resistance to up to 660 feet. Although it lacks the countdown and alarm features, the Luminox 3001 watch remains stylish and high useful for night missions, army training and actual combat because of the self-illumination system that can last up to 25 years.

2. Luminox Navy SEAL 3003.
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The Luminox 3003 dive watch is constructed with a blue dial, a double-security gasket, Quartz movement technology, a 43-millimeter, carbon reinforce polymer casing and a black PU rubber dive strap. The PC carbon fibre reinforced case back is secured by stainless screws and the crystal material is made with hardened glass mineral to assure the user of scratch-resistant feature. Although the bezel is made in plastic and turns only counterclockwise – making it ideal for timing and diving, the Luminox 3003 keeps excellent time and is generally long-lasting. It's also lightweight and durable with easy-to-read timing accuracy.

3. Luminox Navy SEAL 3005.

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The Luminox 3005 watch boasts of a yellow dial with most of the same features found in the Luminox 3001 and Luminox 3003 watches. It's well-appreciated for its durability, accurate timing, and lightweight features. The case back is made with PC carbon fibre reinforced and is secured by four stainless steel screws. The Luminox 3005 is a perfect every day watch for military crews, as well as individuals who dive, ski, and surf or do any other rigorous sports.

4. Luminox Navy SEAL 3007.

The Luminox 3007 prides itself for its bright illumination system which is nicely complemented by the white dial and black numerals. It is designed with a rubber band, case back with screws, double-security gasket, and hardened mineral crystal. Just like the earlier versions of the Luminox Original Navy SEAL watch, the Luminox 3007 is a dependable timepiece for the military soldiers and the regular street guys.

How to Find Discounted Luminox Navy SEALs Watches

Finding reliable, discount Luminox watches is not so hard to do these days. As the official Christmas shopping season unfolds you can easily run across Luminox watches for sale from authorized Luminox dealers.

1. Go Online. There's no doubt that the Internet is still your most convenient way to find cheap Luminox watches. While Amazon is usually the first store to come up on your mind when you begin your search, try to expand your options by using search engines to find other authorized Luminox resellers like Compare different prices and shipping options to see which authorized Luminox dealer will give you the price that meets your budget and the service you can count on.

2. Check Out Local Retail Outlets. If you don't mind taking a trip to the local stores that sell watches then you might as well take the time to check their offers. This will also give you the chance to determine whether it's better for you to buy online or just do business with a local retailer.

3. Join Consumer Forums. A lot of consumers share their personal experience with Luminox Navy SEAL watch because they either are disappointed with their purchase or they are extremely satisfied and happy. Either way, you'll get useful feedback from them. Some would even post the website URL of the store where they made their purchase.

4. Visit Auction Stores. The kinds of Luminox watches you'll find from auction stores are mostly used or second hand. If you're fine with being the second owner of a Luminox chronograph watch or Luminox Navy SEAL dive watch then auction stores would be a likely place for you. Meanwhile, before you begin bidding make sure to check the seller's ratings, feedback and history since you're mostly buying at your own risk.


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