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Consumers' Guide on Luminox Watches

Luminox has been an institution in the watch industry for many years. The name became widely recognized after it designed a watch for the U.S. Navy SEALs using the micro gas light illumination technology which originated from Switzerland in the 80s.

Compared with other luminous timepieces, all Luminox watches glow continuously for up to 25 years. They illuminate 100 times brighter and do not require any push button effort to activate the illumination system. They are water and shock resistant which makes them ideal for the military, law enforcements and active individuals. However, through the years the Luminox watches have also managed to penetrate the female market; thereby, expanding the market reach of the brand.


Whether you are a proud owner of a Luminox watch or still deciding on your first Luminox investment you can refer to this manual page to know more about the different Luminox Navy SEALs watch models that are widely used in the military operations, the Luminox watches for sporty consumers, the Luminox watch bands and accessories, the ways to care for your Luminox watches, and more!

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