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Caring For Your Luminox Watch

When the Luminox Navy SEAL watch was introduced years ago it identified Luminox as a brand of essential gear. All Luminox watches have been branded as durable and dependable, providing excellent timepieces to the U.S. military, police enforcement units, as well as to every active, sporty and ordinary individual looking for extraordinary outdoor watches.

Whether you own a Luminox 1590 watch, a Luminox 3051 blackout or a Luminox Navy SEAL dive watch, make it a habit to take care of your watch to keep it working for many years.


Read the Manufacturer's Manual. The manufacturer’s manual typically provides useful information on how to operate and care for your watch. It gives details on the Do’s and Don’ts to maintain the quality and the performance of your Luminox timepiece. Similarly, the manual will offer you a wealth of information regarding the warranty and service repair that your watch requires in case it breaks down or start showing signs of deteriorating.

Take Off Your Watch When Engaging in Rigorous Activities. It’s good to know that Luminox Navy SEAL watches, Luminox dive watches, Luminox chronograph watches and the rest of the Luminox series are water resistant and illuminates 24/7 under low or no light situations. And that the crystal is scratch resistant. However, despite the tough qualities of the Luminox watches it is recommended to remove your watch prior engaging in activities that could subject your watch to extraordinary stress. Among these activities to watch out for include team sports, jumping into water from more than 3 feet/1 meter, deep diving, temperature shocks from hot sun to colder water, big wave surfing, etc. Similarly, you should keep in mind that not all straps or bracelets are suitable for use in or under water. To know more about how much your watch can take refer to the manufacturer’s manual.

Rinse Your Watch Occasionally. Rinsing your Luminox watch using fresh water occasionally helps remove accumulated sediments, dirt or other material on the watch case or underneath the bezel. This is especially advisable after a dive, swim or immersion in salt water.

Have Your Watch Serviced as Needed. Ideally, your Luminox watch must receive full service every 3-4 years to ensure optimum performance. And when you do decide to have it serviced, take the watch to an official Luminox service partner to have an authorized watchmaker inspect, clean or replace parts that requires replacement.

Avoid Tinkering the Inside of Your Watch. That is, if you’re not familiar with your Luminox watch. If the battery dies and you’re not aware of the kind of battery that’s compatible with your Luminox watch model you’re better off taking it to service repair. The same goes with Luminox band replacements and crown or case back repair.

Do Not Expose Your Watch to Solvents, Chemicals and Gases. Exposure to these chemicals may cause discoloration or deterioration of your Luminox watch. Likewise, exposure to certain cleansers like after shave or chlorine may cause the gaskets in your watch to expand/contract and dry out prematurely.


For more information about Luminox Watches please visit "Consumers' Guide on Luminox Watches" home page.