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Watch Straps

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Set Ascending Direction


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Luminox watch straps

While your Luminox watch is designed to hold up for decades (providing it is properly taken care of and has regular and consistent service from an authorized Luminox repair centre), the strap of your watch will inevitably have to be replaced.

Generally, Luminox watch straps will have to be replaced every six to 18 months depending on how they’re worn and how they’re cared for.

The only straps that you should purchase for your Luminox watch are authentic Luminox straps and these can only be purchased from an authorized Luminox retailer like US Navy SEAL Store.

Regardless of the model of watch you have, US Navy SEAL Store has a replacement band for you. We carry rubber, silicone, leather and metal watch straps to fit a variety of Luminox models, including: Luminox watch 3067, 3001. BO, and Luminox 3905

The type of watch strap you purchase will depend on the width of the watch and the purpose it is used for.