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How to Replace Your Luminox Watch Band

What you’ll need:

• A towel or some other soft fabric

• A spring bar tool

• A replacement watch strap 


Remove the old watch band:

1. To prevent scratching of your watch, place it face down on a towel or some other soft cloth or fabric.

2. Insert the forked end of the Spring Bar Tool between the watch band and the case lug. (While it is recommended that you use one of these tools for best results, other thin devices can be used, such as a small screwdriver, nail files or even your fingernails.)

3. With the spring bar tool, catch the shoulder of the spring bar and push away from the watch lug, toward the strap and apply slight pressure downward at the same time. This should compress the spring bar and cause it to come out of the lug once it has been compressed enough.

4. Once the watch strap is out, pull it away from the watch case.

5. Remove the spring bar from the watch strap and set it aside.

6. Repeat the process on the other side of the strap.


Install a new watch band:

1. Take one spring bar and insert it into one of the ends of your new watch band, making sure that you can see the spring bar poking out both sides of the strap.

2. Insert one end of the spring bar into one of the pinholes of the case lug.

3. Use your spring bar tool to take the shoulder of the opposite end of the spring bar, and compress it so it’s short enough to insert into the other pinhole.

4. Keeping the spring bar compressed, maneuver the band so that the spring bar lines up with the pinhole on the other lug. Release the spring bar and it should snap into place.

5. Gently tug on the watch strap to make sure it’s securely in place.

6. Repeat the process on the side of your watch case with the other side of the strap.


Things to remember:

To save yourself some potential frustration, make sure you are placing the correct end of the Luminox watch strap on the correct side of the watch case. Also, remember that you are working on the watch while it’s upside down so be sure not to put the strap on backwards by accident. Make sure you are steady while performing this procedure or you risk scratching the watch, especially the lugs.

If you lack the proper tools or are unsure about performing the replacement yourself, have a professional from an authorized Luminox repair center perform the replacement.