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How to Choose the Right Watch Strap for Your Luminox Watch


The most important thing to pay attention to when purchasing a strap for your Luminox watch is that you are using an authorized Luminox retailer like US Navy SEAL Store. Straps purchased from unauthorized retailers might be fake and of a lesser quality than real Luminox straps. They might also not fit properly with a real Luminox watch and you will risk losing the actual watch if you use them.




Secondly, after locating an authorized Luminox retailer, you should ensure that the strap you want to purchase is compatible with your watch. Not all straps will fit all watches so pay particular attention to the model that the strap is meant for.

For example, this Polymer Rubber Strap is meant for the Luminox 3000 Series Original Dive Watch and will fit any watch in the 3000 series, such as the 3001, 3003 or 3007. But this Signature Watch Strap is meant for the 3050 & 3950 Series and would fit the 3051 but you shouldn’t buy it for a 3000 series watch.



And the material you choose will depend on what you do with your watch. Most Luminox watch straps are made from rubber or polyurethane, which make them sturdy and good for diving and most outdoor activities. The brand also carries metal straps for certain models. You may also consider getting a nylon strap, which you can get instead of a rubber or polyurethane strap for certain models of watch. Nylon straps make good straps for diving watches because they have few parts that can break or malfunction.



You must also be diligent in replacing your Luminox watch strap regularly. Typically, you should replace your Luminox watch strap every six to 18 months. How often you need to replace it will depend on the wear and tear that it takes and how well you take care of it. But even the most diligently cared for straps will still wear out and need replacing.

If you wait too long to replace your strap, it most likely will break and you will risk losing your watch or not being able to wear it until you purchase a new one.

So if your Luminox watch strap looks a little worse for wear, don’t hesitate to order a new one from US Navy SEAL Store. We’ll keep your watch on your wrist.