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How to Choose the Right Luminox Watch for Yourself

Dependability and quality are the two obvious reasons that made Luminox watches a worldwide success. While they were initially developed and requested for the Navy SEALs and other tactical and government units, the Luminox collection has eventually touched the consumer market. In fact, a growing number of teenagers, men and women are now finding the Luminox series a useful addition to their everyday lifestyle.

If you’re planning to buy a Luminox dive watch or a Luminox chronograph then you should realize a few important considerations for you to enjoy your chosen model.


  • The Need and the Purpose. Make an honest assessment of your needs and purpose by asking yourself some relevant questions, such as: “Where am I going to use the watch?”, “Would I need it for my outdoor activities or for special occasions?”, “Do I plan to use it for everyday walk?”, etc. The more you know about your requirements the better you can decide about the kind of watch you’ll need.
  • Look for the Right Features. Luminox watches are made for a variety of purposes with a variety of relevant features. All of them use self-powered illumination system that can last for up to 25 years. Some Luminox models display the date on the dial and features alarm, speciliazed timers, altitude height, depth, and so forth. They are also water resistant for up to hundreds of feet. Some cases are big and bolder while others comes at a reasonable size. The Original Luminox Navy SEAL 3000 series watches are among the simple and practical in terms usefulness and features. If you’re someone who’s always on the go and want to keep up with accurate time there’s the Luminox Traveler series that offers sleek appeal and reliable features.
  • Pay Attention to the Mechanism of the Watch. Understanding the mechanism of your preferred Luminox watch lets you deal with it more easily. Of course, the manufacturer’s manual provides you complete introduction to the watch. It would also be wise of you to check other Luminox watch users’ experience to orient yourself with the specialized and standard mechanisms of the Luminox watch you’re planning to purchase.
  • Consider the Crystal and Casing. The crystal of Luminox watches are made with tempered mineral glass crystals, or sapphire glass crystals – depending on the specific model. Sapphire glass crystals are highly scratch resistant; whereas, mineral glass crystals, though scratch resistant, are softer in composition and may exhibit surface marring over time. When it comes to casing, some of the Luminox models have screw-on back while others are designed with screw-down back.
  • Check the Band or StrapLuminox bands range from leather to metal to rubber style to NATO style bands. They also come in different colors; therefore, you have more flexible option as to which one complements your skin tone and personal style. The military style bands and the NATO style bands are two of the favorites by the military crews and outdoor enthusiasts.

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