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Halloween Costumes, Accessories & Ideas from US Navy SEAL Store

Brace yourself... Halloween parties are just about ready to kick off!

Halloween is observed on October 31 and you can expect more trick-or-treating, costume parties, apple bobbing, scary movies marathon, bonfires, jack-o'-lanterns parade, and more. If you haven’t totally enjoyed last year’s Halloween events now’s your time to set the focus on you. Trash that old costume and give yourself a new look without appearing way too beastly.

Accessories to Customize Your Halloween Costume

  • Patches
  • Pins
  • Tactical Gear
  • Boots

How to Make Your Own Navy SEALs Halloween Costume

Navy Seal Costume

This October, you can pick your spooky Halloween costume…or make your own ensemble for a change. You can try donning the Chucky-look or be less frightening but still fashionable. What about you wear something combative?

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Just imagine yourself dressed up in camouflage uniform, bearing a real soldier’s posture complete with the military face paint. It’s either you get a military salute or approving nods from adoring denizens. If you’re convinced with the idea then you should start putting together your own Navy SEALs Halloween costume as early as now.

If you haven’t done a Halloween costume project before we will show you some ideas:

  • Rummage through closets or the attic for military-inspired items like old boots or camouflage jacket.
  • At one point you must have used a boonie hat as some fashion statement or as an accessory for your hunting hobby… get it out from somewhere and put it in good use for the Halloween.
  • If you play paintball you should have at least green face paint at your disposal.

These are the basic things you’ll need and you’re ready to act like true-blue military personnel. Easy and simple! Meanwhile, if you don’t mind spending a few bit you can always check US Navy SEAL Store’s Military Camouflage Costume for your complete set of Halloween costume. It’s affordable and comes in different sizes.


Have a Costume Idea? Share with all of us!