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Swim Trunks

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If you love to be in the water and are tired of conventional bathing trunks with 'frills' you will love our Navy SEAL swim trunks. Our Navy SEAL swim trunks and UDT swim shorts are for the real man who doesn't care for sporting the latest baggy style of swimming trunks. Our swim trunks are basic, highly functional and come with no netting on the inside. Trunks with netting on the inside are not comfortable to wear as they often itch and the material can twist. Wear what the US Navy SEAL Teams wear when in the water. When you are working out in the water, the last thing you want to be concerned about is your swimming trunks. Many of the more conventional swim trunks that are being sold today are very loose fitting and have long inseams. Once in the water they only become baggier and more loose, which restricts your movement. The Navy SEAL swim trunks that we sell are designed to be worn snugly. If you do part of your fitness routine in the pool, you do not want to wear loose fitting swim trunks. Our UDT swim trunks repel water away from your body and allow you to freely move through the water. Consider what Olympic athletes wear when competing. They wear the exact same style of swimming trunks that we sell-the basic swim trunk that top athletes have been wearing for decades. Our swim trunks would make an ideal gift idea for any water-loving male enthusiast.